A Chorus of Environmentalists Decry Shale Bills

  • Susan Phillips

Mary Wilson / WITF

Environmentalists rallied in Harrisburg on Tuesday to oppose the proposed Impact Fee bills.

WITF’s Mary Wilson reports from Harrisburg on today’s rally against the Impact Fee bills. Wilson says activists repeatedly broke into chants of “Kill the bill!”

About a hundred activists took to the Capitol Rotunda steps today, a lively Greek chorus to punctuate the spiels of activists, clergy, and a former local official calling on state lawmakers to spear the working proposals for a Marcellus Shale impact fee.
The crowd booed mentions of the municipal “preemption” language in both House and Senate measures (the preemption language is gone, as StateImpactPA has reported), hissed the proposed levels of impact fees, and repeatedly broke into chants of “Kill the bills!”

For more on the rally and the reaction from lawmakers, read Mary’s story at www.witf.org.

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