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EPA Chief Says Krancer’s Letter Won’t Help Dimock Residents

Susan Phillips / StateImpactPA

A rally outside of the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia called on EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to supply water to Dimock residents.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson says she found it “puzzling” that Pennsylvania’s top regulator would write a letter critical of her Agency’s role in Dimock’s water problems. Last week Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Michael Krancer wrote to Jackson telling her the EPA’s knowledge of the situation is “rudimentary.” Krancer has expressed hostility toward the EPA’s actions several times since taking over as DEP Secretary last year.

At a press conference Friday at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, Jackson said federal regulators need more data on Dimock’s water.

“That’s what I’m committed to,” said Jackson. “It’s puzzling to me how writing letters will help the people in Dimock.”

Jackson said the EPA has not gotten all the data they need from the DEP.

“If we can get the data, or if he [Krancer] can assure us that they’re looking at the data,” said Jackson, “then I would be fine.”

In the January 5 letter to Administrator Jackson, Krancer also criticized the EPA’s conclusions about the cause of water pollution in Pavilion, Wyo. The EPA recently released a report that linked fracking operations to residential drinking water contamination in Pavilion. Spotted while wandering the Pennsylvania Farm Show this week, Krancer told State Impact’s Scott Detrow that his letter “speaks for itself.”

The EPA is considering supplying water to Dimock, Pa. residents after the DEP told Cabot Oil and Gas it could stop those deliveries December 1. So Cabot, which the DEP has held responsible for polluting Dimock’s water, no longer provides fresh water to residents.  Administrator Jackson says before the federal government ships any water to Dimock, more testing and data are needed.


  • Guest

    So Krancer and DEP are witholding information from the EPA???  Isn’t DEP supposed to be “protecting” Pennsylvania citizens and looking out for our best interest? It’s so obvious where Krancer’s loyalities begin and end, and it’s certainly not in our best interest.

  • Guest

    Krancer’s actions here certainly indicate he is hiding something. Why not be transparent with the EPA? The fact of the matter is that the water in Dimock is still contaminated.

  • Bob Schmetzer

    The KKK is sure making a mess out of the water situation in Dimmock. Korbett, Krancer, & Klaber have sold out the state to private corporate interest. PaDEP leaders look like a monkey with a football by declairing first that the water was contaminated, ordered fresh clean water to be piped in from Montrose water authority. The families lived on water Buffallo’s for over 3 years. Now they want them to bathe and drink milky water. One young girl cryed to her mother when she found out that DEP ordered them back on well water. She said she did NOT want to be covered with scabs again and someday wanted to have children. If this is the best that Pennsylvania can find to represent the people ,  we ought to merge with another state.Where are the champions ? Those voting for HB1950/SB1100 should resign immediately for violating their oath of office. Art 1  Sec 27 has been raped! Elections are coming , not soon enough.Pickets at the polls showing who sold out the local voice of the communities will be addressed. Local residents have to obey zoning laws/ oil and gas interest does not. Injustice!

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