Another Local Drilling Ban

  • Scott Detrow

The latest municipality to ban natural gas drilling within its borders: Forest Hills, Allegheny County.
More from the PG:

Borough council last week approved a ban on natural gas drilling in the borough.
The borough is the latest local municipality to ban natural gas drilling within its borders. The city of Pittsburgh, West Homestead, Baldwin Borough and Wilkinsburg have passed bans on hydraulic fracking. Other municipalities in the region are considering similar bans.
Forest Hills Mayor Marty O’Malley understands the concerns of his neighbors.
“This [ban] is a mirror image of the Pittsburgh ban. It’s our obligation as elected officials to protect all of our local citizens,” Mr. O’Malley said. “My support of the ban was based on the fact that there is scientific evidence that this hydraulic fracking causes problems with the environment and problems with health.”

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