Dimock Braces For Zombie Invasion

  • Scott Detrow

Residents of Dimock, Susquehanna County have been through a lot in the last few years. Methane-contaminated well water, costly legal battles.
Something worse is on its way, though: zombies.
The walking dead are set to arrive October 30.
That’s because a group of anti-fracking activists have organized an event called “Zombies Occupy Dimock.” It’s a Halloween-themed protest against natural gas drilling, and the Department of Environmental Protection’s recent decision to allow Cabot Oil and Gas to stop providing water to Dimock residents with methane-contaminated wells.
Why zombies? “It’s Halloween, and these movements don’t pay very well,” explained organizer Alex Lotorto. “So if we don’t have fun going it – if we can’t have fun it’s not worth fighting.”
Lotorto emphasized he’s serious about opposing hydraulic fracturing, but added, “it’s good to have fun.” He helped organize an anti-drilling event in Pittsburgh last year that featured “Count Frackula” and “Frackenstein.”
Lotorto is expecting more than 20 zombies next week. There’s more information on the event’s website.

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