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NPR’s Fresh Air Discusses Fracking Today

Fresh Air host Dave Davies will be speaking to ProPublica’s Abrahm Lustgarten this afternoon about an article he co-authored recently on the health impacts of gas drilling. The piece focuses on the illnesses of a Texan named Susan Wallace-Babbs, and takes a look at some of the health problems suffered by residents of Colorado and Wyoming, where gas drilling began in earnest several years before Pennsylvania.

ProPublica examined government environmental reports and private lawsuits and interviewed scores of residents, physicians and toxicologists in four states—Colorado, Texas, Wyoming and Pennsylvania—that are drilling hot spots. Our review showed that cases like Wallace-Babb’s go back a decade in parts of Colorado and Wyoming, where drilling has taken place for years. They are just beginning to emerge in Pennsylvania, where the Marcellus Shale drilling boom began in earnest in 2008.

Fresh Air runs on most public radio stations across the state. You can find out when it airs live in your area here.


  • Phylliscarr4

    yes pa is getting sickness from this marcellus shell gas my family and i have been suffering for month;s now we have three compressor station in and three or four more to go in by williams pipeline we only live 300ft from all this and we our having so much sickness when is it going to end , how much more do we have to take from our neighbors doing this to us our children our slowly dieing here in pa this is not supose to happen in america this gold rush as they call it is a dieing rush for the people here in pa please some one have the gut’s to save us please don;t let it happen this way i love my grandchildren and have to stand by and let them strip them of there health the marcellus land men have a raido show on wmbs 590 in uniontown pa every friday at 3;15 its called national gas matter’s leason how they make fun of all of us who live here in fayette county and how they say time and time again prove it we made you sick prove it how can we when they new this was going to be hard to prove to any one my grandchildren mean more to me than life it’s self .

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