Penn State Gets $2.5 Million Grant for Marcellus Research and Education

  • Susan Phillips

The National Science Foundation, an independent federal agency, awarded Penn State University $2.5 million dollars for multi-disciplinary research and a program aimed at engaging the public in understanding issues surrounding natural gas drilling.
PSU’s “Marcellus Matters” is a program designed to educate adults through community-based programs aimed at individuals who will be making decisions about leasing land, and regulating the industry.  The program will be run by Michael Arthur, co-director of the Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research. In a press release, Arthur said drilling comes with social, economic and environmental challenges to Pennsylvania’s rural communities.
“The NSF project will address those challenges,” said Arthur. As it will provide opportunities for the residents of the Marcellus region to gain skills in scientific inquiry and build an understanding of science and energy that can be used in managing change.”
The release says the grant will help develop a scientific knowledge base necessary to evaluate the rapidly growing gas drilling industry in Pennsylvania.

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