Range Resources CEO Says States Should Regulate Drilling, Not the Feds

  • Susan Phillips

Range Resources CEO John Pinkerton says state governments do a better job at regulating the industry. Range has recently filed a legal challenge to a local zoning ordinance passed in Washington County that would restrict drilling. Pinkerton says he wants consistency statewide. But when asked whether the federal government could provide consistency nationwide, he said that would be the ideal but the feds aren’t up to the task.
“The problem is our federal government doesn’t have the money, the people or the experience to do it.”
But it’s not just the Environmental Protection Agency that has stepped into the gas drilling fray. The Securities and Exchange Commission has subpoenaed gas drillers after reports suggested the companies are inflating the shale gas potential. Pinkerton says Range is cooperating fully with the S.E.C. and has nothing to hide.

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