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State Distributing Potassium Iodide Pills Tomorrow

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Three Mile Island

Don’t worry – this story isn’t as scary as the headline makes it out to be.
State officials are distributing potassium iodide pills to people who live within ten miles of Pennsylvania’s five nuclear power plants tomorrow. The Harrisburg Patriot-News and York Daily Record have more on where you can pick the free tablets up.
The pills can be used to protect thyroid glands from radioactive fallout caused by a nuclear accident.
Relax, though: everything’s fine at Beaver Valley Power Station, Limerick Generating Station, Susquehanna Steam Electric Station, Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, and Three Mile Island. The state Department of Health simply schedules potassium iodide distribution every few months, so that people have the pills available in a worst-case scenario. As the DOH press release explains, “this distribution is intended for people who were unable to take advantage of past KI offerings, have recently moved near nuclear power facilities, or are unaware that free KI tablets are regularly available through county and municipal health departments and state health centers.”

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