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OK Policy Poll: Voters Oppose Tax Incentives for Horizontal Drilling

A new poll shows 64 percent of Oklahoma voters oppose state tax incentives for horizontal drilling and support eliminating the incentive to pay for other government services. Oklahoma levies a 7 percent tax on oil and gas production, but the horizontal drilling incentive lowers the rate to 1 percent for the first 48 months of [...]

Study: Oklahoma’s Drilling Incentives Reduce Modest Oil and Gas Tax Rates

Click here to read "Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas Production Tax Rates: How Does Oklahoma Compare to Peers?," a study by the Oklahoma Policy Institute

Oklahoma’s oil boom has led some to question the wisdom in giving hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks to a thriving industry. As the state’s oilfields have boomed, so have tax breaks for oil and gas drilling. The Oklahoma Policy Institute has been critical of such state tax breaks, like those for horizontal [...]

An Argument Against State Tax Breaks for Oklahoma’s Oil and Gas Industry

A drilling rig near Edmond, Okla.

State tax breaks for Oklahoma’s oil and gas industry do little to encourage drilling, and amount to an unnecessary corporate subsidy, Oklahoma Policy Institute director David Blatt argues in a new issue brief. Installation of these tax credits began in the early 1990s to offset losses from new and risky production techniques, like horizontal and [...]

The OK vs. Texas Tax Rivalry Has Been Animated

The bitter rivalry between Oklahoma and Texas includes an economic debate over which state has the best playbook for businesses and growth. It’s a Red River Rivalry of tax policy, and the Oklahoma Policy Institute (which is leading a coalition fighting to preserve the personal income tax) has animated their team’s side of the debate. [...]

In the Income Tax Debate, ‘Growth’ Depends on How and What You Count

Hype surrounding no-income tax states like Texas is based upon misleading population data, opponents say.

The Great State Income Tax Debate is all about economic growth, and one way to measure a state’s losses and gains is to count jobs, output and people. Many such measurements are tied to population. And some opponents say Gov. Mary Fallin’s income tax phase-out plan is based on a “highly misleading analysis” of population [...]

Income Tax Debate Makes the Oklahoma Gazette Cover

The income tax could be on its way out, but the discussion won’t be going exiting anytime soon. The Great State Income Tax Debate made the cover of the alt-weekly Oklahoma Gazette this week … along with a goat. The story has the usual suspects: conservative think tank Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs on the [...]

Four Things You Should Know About Gov. Fallin’s Income Tax Reduction Plan

Gov. Fallin giving her second State of the State address at the state Capitol.

In yesterday’s State of the State address, Gov. Mary Fallin detailed her “bold” plan for reducing — and ultimately eliminating — the state’s individual income tax. The official language of The Oklahoma Tax Reduction and Simplification Act will be included in a bill filed by House Speaker Kris Steele, R-Shawnee. Fallin’s proposal would simplify the [...]

Two Arguments For and Against Cutting Oklahoma’s Income Tax

Oklahoma’s two preeminent policy think tanks defended opposing sides of the income tax debate on the opinion page of Sunday’s Oklahoman. At issue is reducing the top rate of Oklahoma’s individual income tax, which is state’s single largest source of revenue. On Jan. 1, the top income tax rate dropped to 5.25 percent from more [...]

Meet the Resistance: A Coalition to Fight for the Income Tax and State Services

David Blatt

Talk of tax cuts and a restructured state tax code have been increasing. And the resistance, it appears, is organizing. The Tulsa World’s Barbara Hoberock reports the Oklahoma Policy Institute is leading the budding “coalition”: “We are beginning to work with other organizations about how to develop some kind of common messages and strategies to [...]

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