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Proposed Electric Vehicle Fee Stirs Resentment Among Oklahoma Owners

A bill passed by the state House of Representatives Wednesday would impose an annual fee on owners of plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles in Oklahoma, and that’s leaving some electric car owners feeling singled out.


Fallin Directs Officials to Discuss Alternatives for Quake-Linked Wastewater

Fallin told the crowd Oklahoma’s oil and gas industry injected 1.5 billion barrels of wastewater from fracking into the ground last year.


Update: What StateImpact Is Watching In Oklahoma’s 2015 Legislative Session

There’s only about a month left in Oklahoma’s 2015 legislative session, and if bills haven’t made it out of the chamber they started in by now, they’re dead.


Litigation and Low Prices Drill Oil Industry in Osage County

Mike Mackey, owner of Osage Wireline Inc. cut half his workforce last month.


Harold Hamm Says U.S. Oil Industry No Longer Needs Keystone XL Pipeline

Hamm tells Reuters railroads have become more and more important and viable as a way to transport crude.


Teague to OK Oil Industry: Merging Energy and Environment Offices a ‘Huge Advantage’

The Sierra Club said combining the offices was a “disservice” to the state.


Kerr-McGee Was Wrong to Dump Polluted Sites Into Spinoff Company, Judge Rules

On Thursday, a U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge ruled that was improper.


Former Creek County Refinery Site Added to Superfund Priority List

The Lorraine and Wilcox refineries operated from 1915 until 1965 about 30 miles southwest of Tulsa in Creek County.

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OK Congressional Delegation Not Happy with Osage County Drilling Rules Process

Oklahoma’s seven members of the U.S. Congress sent a letter to the Bureau of Indian Affairs in late September.


Supreme Court Sides With Ethanol Over Oil

The federal Environmental Protection Agency approved the use of fuel containing up to 15% ethanol in 2010, and today, the court decided not to hear a challenge to that decision.

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