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Oklahoma seeks to address lawyer shortage for abused and neglected children

Access to lawyers isn’t equal for abused children and their parents in every county. So the Oklahoma Supreme Court created a new task force to look for ways to improve the system.


Why Oklahoma and Other Red States Might Pump Up Gasoline Taxes to Fill Budget Holes

State taxes on motor fuel haven’t been touched since 1987. There are a lot of similarities between the situation then and what Oklahoma lawmakers now face: An economy shaken by low oil prices and dwindling revenue streams to fund state government.


OKC Steps Up Water Conservation Effort, Levying Fines and Giving Skeptics Hope

One of the biggest complaints StateImpact has heard from residents in Canton and southeast Oklahoma: Oklahoma City should conserve the water it has before taking it from them.


Resistance to Coal Mine Regulations Could Cost Oklahoma Some of Its Sovereignty

From health insurance exchanges to power plant emissions, the Obama Administration just can’t seem to get Oklahoma to play ball.


Opponents of Arbuckle-Simpson Withdrawal Limit Ask for Court Review

Opponents of the move are continuing the fight — in court.


Government Shutdown Shutters Federal Parks and Campsites in Oklahoma

So no camping at Eufaula and Sardis Lakes, among many other recreation areas important to local economies.


Why Gov. Mary Fallin Won’t Back School Storm Shelter Ballot Measure

Weintz told The World if money from the franchise tax is used, it will mean less to go around for other important education-related priorities.


Return of the Milkman: Oklahoma Lawmakers Study Raw Milk Delivery

The state Department of Agriculture says the number of Oklahomans choosing raw milk over pasteurized is growing.


Moore Building Code Changes Likely
to Focus on Homes, Not Businesses

When the massive EF5 tornado ripped through Moore on May 20, it took out homes and business alike.


How Moore’s Tornado Recovery Can Get Ex-felons Back On Their Feet

How to deal with the tornado’s destruction still dominates Moore city council meetings, including Monday’s.

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