Aspen Harrod (left) and Ahmari Sango

Robby Korth / StateImpact Oklahoma

Oklahoma City teenagers ask policymakers not to ‘downplay’ their experiences

  • Robby Korth
  • Kateleigh Mills

Ahmari Sango and Aspen Harrod want to be heard.

Too often, the pair of Northwest Oklahoma City teens told StateImpact, voices like theirs are simply ignored by decision makers.

In their conversation with StateImpact’s Robby Korth on the cusp of high school graduation, they say there are some encouraging strides being made in representation, specifically the election of Rep. Mauree Turner in 2020. But there’s still more work to be done. And young people like them are happy to take up that mantle.

This story was produced by KOSU’s Kateleigh Mills.