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Legislature Approves ‘Critical Infrastructure’ Bill Critics Say Could Curb Public Protest

A bill that adds steep criminal penalties for trespassing on sites containing “critical infrastructure” cleared its final legislative hurdle Wednesday and now awaits Gov. Mary Fallin’s signature.

For more on House Bill 1123, here’s our story from March 2017.

Oklahoma Bill To Protect ‘Critical Infrastructure’ Could Curb Public Protest, Critics Say

Oklahoma legislators are advancing a bill that outlaws trespassing on sites containing “critical infrastructure.” Supporters say the measure will help prevent damage and disruption of energy markets, electric grids and water services, but environmental activists and civil rights groups say the bill’s real purpose is to block political protests of pipelines and similar projects.


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  • Unavailable

    This attack on the US Constitution is not only un-American, it is a violation of the oath of every legislator who voted for it, as they promised to defend the Constitution. They should all be removed from office.

  • Dr. Luis Contreras

    The Diamond Pipeline is not a public utility. Diamond is owned by PAA, a limited partnership funded by private investors.

    Roads, bridges, sewer lines, airports, and all other infrastructure resources, are public property and should be maintained for the good of the people. The Diamond Pipeline is NOT critical infrastructure; it is a Clear and Present Danger.

    Shame on Oklahoma public officials — their sworn duty is to protect and defend the Constitution of the U.S. Gov. Fallin and all legislators working for Oil and Gas owe the people of Oklahoma and the Nation an apology.

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