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Results: 2012 Oklahoma Ballot Questions

State Questions

1913 of 1960 precincts completely reporting

State Question Concerning % Yes % No % Precincts Reporting
SQ 758 Capping Assements on Property Taxes 67.6% 32.4% 97.6%
SQ 759 Ending Affirmative Action 59.1% 40.9% 97.6%
SQ 762 Governor and Parole Process 59.2% 40.8% 97.6%
SQ 764 Water Bonds 56.6% 43.4% 97.6%
SQ 765 DHS Commission 59.9% 40.1% 97.6%
SQ 766 Intangible Property Taxes 64.9% 35.1% 97.6%

Source: Oklahoma State Election Board


247 of 263 Precincts Completely Reporting

Concerning % Yes % No % Precincts Reporting
Proposition 1 Airport Upgrades, Closing Fund 44.1% 55.9% 93.9%
Proposition 2 Quality-of-Life Improvements 45.5% 54.5% 93.9%

Source: Oklahoma State Election Board

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  • Will_Nonya

    So it looks like we decided to cap property tax increases, end racial preferences, transfer power from an elected official to bureaucrats, allow more government debt, abolish a defined agency with undefined power, limit what can be taxed and say no to two sales tax increases.

  • Wfarris

    Good work Oklahoma. I’m originally from Missouri and DHS and parole boards there need to be changed as you have here

  • When will these referendums take effect??

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