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Tulsa County Voters ‘Mixed’ on Vision2 Propositions, Poll Suggests

Tulsa County voters seem mixed on the two-part Vision2 ballot question, a new poll suggests.

Vision2′s quality-of-life Proposition 2 appears to be headed to victory in Tuesday’s election, while the fate of Proposition 1 with its airport industrial complex upgrades and deal-closing fund is uncertain, a new Tulsa World poll shows.

The World used SoonerPoll.com to survey 440 likely voters. Here’s the basic breakdown:

Purpose Support Against Undecided
Proposition 1 Airport complex upgrades 45% 38% 17%
Proposition 2 Quality-of-life 58% 31% 11%

Predicting the undecided vote is more challenging with ballot questions than it is with “living-and-breathing” candidates, SoonerPoll.com’s Bill Shapard tells the paper. Proposition 2 is almost certain to pass, Shapard says.

“One seems to me to be just about the airport, but the other is more about the entire community,” said Tulsan Shawn Stevens, a poll participant explaining why he’s voting against Proposition 1 and in favor of Proposition 2.

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