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State Question 759: Does Oklahoma Still Need Affirmative Action?

Logan Layden / StateImpact Oklahoma

State Sen. Rob Johnson (R-Kingfisher) was one of the authors of the resolution that led to State Question 759.

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in an affirmative action case that deals with the ability of the University of Texas to consider race when admitting students.

Oklahoma is in an affirmative action battle of its own, but this one will be decided by voters when they weigh in on State Question 759. A ‘yes’ vote would mean the state would be disallowed from taking race into account when making hiring decisions and negotiating contracts, for example.

The initiative has sparked a debate over the fundamental fairness of the practice and whether discrimination is still a major problem in Oklahoma.

But opponents worry that the unintended consequences of 759′s passage could include making college more difficult for minority students to afford.

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  • rogerclegg

    Why should financial aid and scholarships depend on skin color? There are plenty of poor people of all colors, and plenty on well-off people of all colors.

  • Baro

    I don’t think color of skin or whether male or female should determine a job, college entrance, advancement. So affirmative action is wrong. Minority can apply for loans just like non minority. So I will voting yes on this question

  • I will vote no until the percent of minorities in our prisons and universities reflects their percentage in Oklahoma’s population. Until then don’t tell me we don’t need affirmative action.

  • LoveItOrLeaveIt

    Affirmative action is evil and discriminatory.

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