All Down the Line: The Economic and Environmental Impact of Keystone XL

  • Joe Wertz

This week, StateImpact reporters in Oklahoma and Texas launched a five-part collaborative series on the Keystone XL pipeline.

The proposed pipeline has become a political issue in both states and on national campaign stages, where it’s used to underscore energy policies of both President Barack Obama and his Republican challengers. The Keystone XL pipeline also highlights economic and environmental policy differences between Republicans and Democrats.

StateImpact’s multimedia narrative includes reports by Logan Layden, Joe Wertz, Mose Buchele, Dave Fehling and Terrence Henry.

Part 1 | StateImpact Oklahoma

Why Cushing is Bursting and Hurting Oklahoma’s Economy

Oklahoma is in an unlikely economic predicament: It has too much oil.

Part 2 | StateImpact Texas

Will Canadian Crude Make the Keystone XL Pipeline Leak?

With the proposed Keystone XL pipeline has come the claim that the crude from north of the border is uniquely risky.

Part 3 | StateImpact Texas

Life on the Line: Landowners Fight Keystone XL and Eminent Domain

The pipeline will cross the property of 850 landowners in Texas. And not all of them are happy about it.

Part 4 | StateImpact Oklahoma

Meet the Woman Who Moved a Pipeline

Oklahoma landowner Sue Kelso fought TransCanada and won … sort of.


Part 5 | StateImpact Texas

Law of the Land: How TransCanada Will Leave Its Mark on Texas Property Rights

Texas politicians love giving lip service to the sanctity of private property. They also talk a lot about the benefits of the state’s robust oil and gas industry. But what happens when those two things come into conflict?