Also on the Education Funding Wish List: Math, Remediation … and Robots

  • Joe Wertz

OceanYamaha / Flickr

The Department of Education's 2013 budget request includes a $100,000 funding increase for a robotics program.

As we reported, the state Department of Education is trying to unravel $100 million worth of cuts it suffered in FY 2012.

Yesterday, the Board of Education approved a $2.4 billion 2013 budget request that asks for about $158 million in funding increases.

Almost half of the requested budget increase (the full text of the 2013 request is here) will directly fund school districts, and about a quarter of the budget will fund flexible health benefits in school districts.

On the smaller scale, the department wants $1.5 million for a new mathematics “intervention” program, roughly $97,000 for the Oklahoma Arts Institute and $100,000 for a robotics program.

The Department of Education is seeking funding increases for more than a dozen specific activities and programs. Hit the jump to read our cheat sheet.

Programs the Department of Education’s Wants Increased Funding For

Financial Support of Public Schools $1,894,269,216 $78,177,861
Flexible Benefit Allowance $348,753,388 $45,488,053
Education Leadership Oklahoma $16,130,000 $16,130,000
Staff Development $12,204,003 $5,930,000
Adult Education Matching $2,315,297 $2,315,297
Advanced Placement Incentives $4,111,169 $2,108,469
Instructional Materials $34,591,881 $1,591,881
ACE Remediation $9,200,000 $1,588,423
Mathematics Intervention Initiative (new) $1,500,000 $1,500,000
Alternative and High Challenge Education $16,334,886 $1,457,520
Oklahoma Parents as Teachers $2,045,709 $460,238
Robotics Program $100,000 $100,000
Oklahoma Arts Institute $447,076 $97,076
Rural Infant Stimulation Environment Program $600,000 $70,057
Charter Schools Incentive Fund $50,000 $50,000
Total Public School Activities: $478,519,788 $77,295,133
Administrative and Support: $22,342,692 $916,050
Total Requested for FY 2013:
$2,429,723,577 $157,980,925
Source: Oklahoma Department of Education 2013 Budget Request Worksheet | Data