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Some Key Arguments For–And Against–Making PSNH Sell Its Generating Facilities

Should NH's main power company be forced to give up its generating capacity?

One of the big issues in the New Hampshire business community this legislative session is the push to continue deregulating utilities.  The state’s current power regulation model is something of a hybrid between old-fashioned regulation and deregulation.  The idea is, there are regulated utility companies (like PSNH, which the Public Utilities Commission reports serves 70 [...]

Pennichuck Employee Union Sues Nashua Telegraph Over Salary Info

Pennichuck's employee union is suing the Telegraph to keep their salary information secret

When Nashua bought the private water utility Pennichuck Corp., the town created an unorthodox setup.  As David Brooks of the Nashua Telegraph explains: “It is believed that Nashua is the only city in the country that owns a private water utility that is supervised by an independent board but still answers to state regulators, while [...]

Why The Phone Pole Tax Matters

We'll explain why an obscure property tax matters

We’ll admit it: The telephone pole property tax sounds like a dry topic for the 2012 Legislative session at first glance. And at second glance, for that matter. But fortunately for us, John Toole of the Eagle-Tribune took a third look, rustled up some sources, facts, and stats, and managed to make the story not [...]

Breaking Down Who Does–And Doesn’t–Support Eminent Domain For Northern Pass

While a majority of poll respondents opposed Northern Pass, we noticed some interesting variations in the data

Recently the Concord Monitor reported on a Granite State Poll commissioned by a key Northern Pass rival–the New England Power Generators Association.  The big news coming out of the study was 68 percent of the 500 respondents were against eminent domain for Northern Pass. But what interested us even more than the overarching sentiment toward [...]

The Ultimate Economic Guide To The 2012 NH Legislative Session

That's Real Gold!

As the New Hampshire legislature begins whittling down a bevy of economy-related bills, we thought it would be helpful to offer you a brief, on-going roundup of what we believe are some key economic issues the General Court will be looking at, and why.  We’ve also included resources if you’d like to research and track [...]

Will Northern Pass Create Jobs? It Depends On Which Study You Believe

How many jobs could 180 miles of power lines create in NH?  It depends on whom you ask

One of the main questions that lingers over Northern Pass is: Will it create jobs, especially in the struggling North Country? And, befitting the layers of controversy surrounding the project, the simplest answer won out. It depends on who you ask. Today, the New England Power Generators Association released a report it commissioned from PolEcon [...]

Why Eminent Domain Bills Are Center Stage In Northern Pass Controversy

Northern Pass opposition has shifted from private land transactions to legislation with the start of the session

Thanks to the ongoing Northern Pass controversy, eminent domain–when the government forces landowners to sell their property to benefit a project for the public good–has become one of the 2012 legislative session’s key issues. And thanks to the Forest Society, the issue’s gained a greater sense of urgency Here’s the nutshell version:  Last month, the [...]

Northern Pass Developers Offer Big Money For Little Bits Of Land

First of all, if you haven’t read Annmarie Timmins’ article in the Concord Monitor about Northern Pass developers offering big paydays to North Country landowners, you need to.  Seriously.  The link’s right here. But if you’re strapped for time and just want the highlights reel, we’ve got the condensed version of Timmins’ reporting. 

Home Heating Prices To Hit Record High In Northeast

New England will have record heating costs this winter Households in the Northeast that use oil for heat will pay record prices this winter–that’s according to a new federal report from the US Energy Information Administration. Heating oil prices are expected to increase by almost ten percent this winter. The price of oil has doubled [...]

New Objections To Northern Pass

There’s another wrinkle in the Northern Pass controversy, with a number of smaller New England utilities–and potential Northern Pass competitors–coming out in opposition to the project.  Annmarie Timmins reports today in the Concord Monitor that the New England Power Generators Association objects to Northern Pass on a number of grounds: “Changes to the state’s eminent [...]

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