New Objections To Northern Pass

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The debate over the Northern Pass power project is heating up

There’s another wrinkle in the Northern Pass controversy, with a number of smaller New England utilities–and potential Northern Pass competitors–coming out in opposition to the project.  Annmarie Timmins reports today in the Concord Monitor that the New England Power Generators Association objects to Northern Pass on a number of grounds:

“Changes to the state’s eminent domain law and renewable energy requirements topped the list of concerns aired by the New England Power Generators Association.

High on the list too was a loss of jobs if Northern Pass puts smaller energy providers out of business. The group represents 16 generators of power, including gas, oil, nuclear and hydro, in New England. In a five-page paper released yesterday, the association urged state and civic leaders as well as lawmakers to consider those concerns before supporting Northern Pass.

“We feel like in order for this project to go forward, (Northern Pass officials) are seeking special treatment that our members . . . wouldn’t be able to get,” said Sandi Hennequin, vice president of the association. Such advantages, she said, would give…Northern Pass such a financial advantage, its competitors couldn’t compete and other, smaller sources of energy wouldn’t be developed.

Martin Murray, spokesman for Northern Pass, could not be reached for comment.”

By publicly coming out against the Northern Pass project, Timmins reports, the New England Power Generators Association joins the ranks of other dissenters, primarily environmental groups.


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