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Mystery Developer Hopes To Bring Big Warehouse–And 150 Jobs–To Concord

A super-secret business that could bring a lot of jobs to Concord hopes to set up shop on Integra Drive.  As Ben Leubsdorf of the Concord Monitor reports: “A developer is looking to build a sprawling warehouse operation on Integra Drive, off Manchester Street, that Concord officials say could employ 150 people. But the name […]

For Your Entertainment: Most Dramatic Remodel Ever?

It’s that time in the afternoon when we think you might appreciate a bit of brain candy. And we’re only too happy to provide. A while back, Burger King on Loudon Road in Concord shuttered, noting on its sign that it’s “Closed For Remodel.”  If you drive by that same spot today, you’ll still see […]

How Communities Are Reclaiming Vacant Malls

Since the economic collapse, the commercial real estate market has been faced with a glut of vacant buildings.  And that chief icon of American consumerism–the shopping mall–hasn’t been spared.  But that’s not to say these massive markets can’t be reclaimed.  Recently, NHPR’s Word of Mouth host Virginia Prescott dished with a New York Times reporter […]

Federal Block Grant to Aid Renovation Project in New Hampshire Town

A New Hampshire developer plans to renovate two mostly-abandoned apartment buildings in Franklin and turn them into affordable housing for working class families. The company, New England Family Housing, plans to buy the 30-unit building for $615,000. Kevin Lacasse, who owns the company, told the Concord Monitor that the he buildings, which were constructed in […]

Best Of StateImpact: Why The Vacation Home Market Matters

Working on a site that deals with business and the economy, we look at a lot of reports.  Economic reports, financial reports, government analyses…it goes on and on.  So when we heard about the importance of second homes to New Hampshire’s economy, our first instinct was to reach for a report. We came up empty-handed. […]

How Much Do Vacation Homes Contribute To NH’s Economy?

If you tuned-in to NHPR’s “The Exchange” yesterday morning, you might have heard economist Russ Thibeault talking about an interesting (and these days, somewhat obscure) report.  We’ll get to that in a minute.  But first, a bit of background. Yesterday’s program was based on StateImpact’s reporting, which focused on the economic impact of New Hampshire’s […]

StateImpact Talks NH’s Seasonal Home Economy On “The Exchange”

Last summer, StateImpact took a closer look at the economic effects of the Granite State’s 64,000 vacation homes.  Our coverage caught the attention of NHPR‘s Laura Knoy and the crew of her daily call-in show, “The Exchange.” This morning, reporter Amanda Loder joined Laura and economist Russ Thibeault on “The Exchange” to talk about the […]

Laconia Sees Boom In Vacation Home Market

Here at StateImpact, we’re interested in how second homes contribute to New Hampshire’s economy.  With ten percent of the state’s housing stock made up of vacation homes, only two other states have a higher proportion secondary homes–Maine and Vermont. As part of a series last summer on how the vacation home economy works in the […]

Northern Pass Developers Offer Big Money For Little Bits Of Land

First of all, if you haven’t read Annmarie Timmins’ article in the Concord Monitor about Northern Pass developers offering big paydays to North Country landowners, you need to.  Seriously.  The link’s right here. But if you’re strapped for time and just want the highlights reel, we’ve got the condensed version of Timmins’ reporting. 

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