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This Week’s Essential StateImpact

In a lot of ways, Friday afternoon is the perfect time for catching-up.  It’s too early to clock out, but too late to start a big new project.  And at StateImpact, we tend to think it’s also a great time to catch you up on New Hampshire’s business and economy news.  Here’s your weekly roundup […]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

Happy Friday, StateImpact readers!  As usual at this time on a Friday afternoon, we’d like to take a moment to call up our most popular posts, just in case you missed them. So with that in mind, we now present This Week’s Essential StateImpact! A Look Inside An Advanced NH Factory: Our first foray into […]

Why Home Care Workers Aren’t Guaranteed Minimum Wage

Recently, the Obama Administration announced plans to change Labor Department rules so that home care workers–personal care aides and home health aides–are guaranteed federal minimum wage and overtime pay.  Right now, states are allowed to decide if they want to include this class of worker under their own minimum wage and overtime laws.  Many have […]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

It’s been a busy week here at StateImpact New Hampshire.  Whether it’s looking at utility deregulation, the Dodd-Frank Act, specialty cancer centers or manufacturing in the Granite State, our economic coverage has been rather broad.  Here’s our official roundup of the posts you found most click-worthy. Some Key Arguments For–And Against–Making PSNH Sell Its Generating […]

For Profit Cancer Center Comes To NH to Make Its Case to Lawmakers

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is eying a spot in New Hampshire. The for profit chain wants to build a hospital in the Northeast. CTCA successfully lobbied Georgia to change its regulations so a specialty hospital could be built in that state. The company is hoping lawmakers in New Hampshire will make similar changes. A […]

Does New Hampshire Need Specialty Cancer Centers?

The crux of the debate: Should NH change its laws governing medical facilities so a for-profit cancer center can come into the state? Lawmakers are now considering whether to give exemptions to for-profit cancer centers so they can do business in the state. Under current regulations these cancer centers are likely  to be deemed redundant. […]

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