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#AreYouBetterOff? New Hampshire Voters Weigh In Before Election Day

After reading our blogpost and checking out this sweet infographic, our audience is answering this question: are you better off today than four years ago? And how do you know? We hope you’ll weigh in too, on Twitter, Facebook, or right here.

Judd Gregg Joins Simpson And Bowles In Grassroots ‘Fix The Debt’ Campaign

A bipartisan group of politicians and businessmen are reaching out to ordinary Americans, asking them to bring homemade signs and banners to the polls in November (they suggest paint; stencil, or tape). Their goal? Get concerned grassroots organizers to pressure elected officials into finding a bipartisan solution to the impending fiscal cliff. Former New Hampshire Governor Judd Gregg is a co-chair […]

Infographic: Small Business Owners In N.H. On The Issues

Thumbtack is a kind of 21st century classifieds — like a beefed-up Craigslist.  But they also occasionally publish infographics and interactive survey data. Their newest lets you compare the answers small business owners gave to questions about 2012 election issues, based on the following demographic filters: Where they’re from (compare N.H. to national statistics) Gender […]

Outside Spending on New Hampshire Governor’s Race Continues To Rise

This following was contributed by Brian Wallstin. In what will likely be the most expensive gubernatorial campaign in New Hampshire history, independent political groups supporting candidates Maggie Hassan and Ovide Lamontagne have reserved nearly $7.5 million worth of television ads in the final month of the election.

Starting A Business: The New Retirement?

We all know that Americans are living and working longer. According to AARP, only 13 percent of Americans expect not to return to work after they hit “traditional retirement age.” But just as Americans are able and wanting to work longer — the recession has left many aging adults out of work. And those older […]

Dispatches From The Stump: Rep. Charlie Bass On The Economy

Today, 2nd District Congressman Charlie Bass did a bit of campaigning close to home.  He spoke at the Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club meeting at Franklin Pierce University this morning.  It wasn’t a campaign event per se; Rotary International has strict rules about clubs not endorsing candidates, although politicians can address Rotary groups.  And so, Bass spent […]

Dispatches From The Stump: Ann McLane Kuster On The Economy

StateImpact’s been on the campaign trail!  And the race in the Second Congressional District is looking like a nail-biter.  Democrat Ann McLane Kuster is running against incumbent Republican Congressman Charlie Bass in a rematch following her narrow loss in 2010. Given the interest in this particular election–a fiscally conservative, socially moderate Republican versus a progressive […]

Who Built What? Diving Deeper Into ‘We Built This’ Campaign Rhetoric

The three words of what has become Governor Romney’s campaign slogan, “We Built This,” are hard to avoid these days. One could argue they exemplify a political rhetoric that pits business-loving Romney supporters against government-loving supporters of President Obama. And although “we built this” has become a rallying cry for the right, we found that […]

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