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Cindy Kibbe is an award-winning journalist and has been reporting on New Hampshire business issues for 10 years.

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WiValley Battles Topography And Budgets To Connect Monadnocks

(Photo by Cindy Kibbe)

Internet connectivity using a blend of WiFi and fiber optics is the 'only way that makes sense going forward' for rural communities, says Brian Foucher, founder of Keene-based WiValley.

Brian Foucher traveled some 300 days a year for business. When the Harrisville, N.H., resident was home, he telecommuted to meetings around the globe, but found his Internet connection so poor his employer became frustrated. With a wife and young family at home, that kind of work life was quickly growing old.

Foucher’s initiative to solve his own Internet problems eventually evolved into a business, WiValley, Inc. of Keene, which solved connectivity issues not only for Foucher, but for other Monadnock residents as well.

Going The ‘Last Mile’

After successful pilots connecting several dozen rural customers, Foucher launched WiValley in 2008 with seed money from investors, some of whom were the recipients of connectivity from those pilot projects.

Today, WiValley has installations in some 40 towns in southwestern New Hampshire, as well as six communities in eastern Vermont and five in northwestern Massachusetts. Continue Reading

How–And Why–NH Resurrected A Help Center For Women Entrepreneurs

MaryAnn Manoogian is Executive Director for the new Center for Women’s Business Advancement.

Like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes, the new Center for Women’s Business Advancement seeks to build upon the foundation of its predecessor of supporting women entrepreneurs in New Hampshire and to go much further.

The CWBA, located at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, celebrated its grand opening in February upon being awarded a five-year, $719,000 matching grant by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The CWBA provides free, one-on-one business counseling, workshops and other resources to women looking to start their own businesses – although male entrepreneurs are also welcome.

Continue Reading

“NH Advantage” Proves True For Albany International

(Photo by Cindy Kibbe)

"What turns out to make a big difference as we try to recruit young, talented engineers from around the country is the great quality of life around here," said Joseph Morone, President and CEO of Albany International.

We hear about the “New Hampshire Advantage” all the time. Our low personal taxes and great quality of life make headlines every time a company contemplates relocating to the Granite State.

But what happens after a company has been here for a while? Are company leaders still happy with their choice?

For leadership at Rochester, NH-based Albany International, the answer is an unequivocal “yes.”

Albany International has been a poster child of sorts for New Hampshire’s brand of economic success. In 2010, it relocated its corporate headquarters from Albany, NY, to  Rochester with plans to build a new manufacturing plant and hire hundreds of workers. Even Vice President Joseph Biden, who visited the company earlier this year, hailed it as a prime example of public-private partnerships. Continue Reading

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