After Board Vote, LGC Chief Steps Down

Amanda Loder/StateImpact New Hampshire

The Local Government Center will see new leadership almost immediately.

After about four years as head of the Local Government Center, Executive Director Maura Carroll is stepping down.

During most of her tenure as Executive Director, Maura Carroll headed an embattled LGC.  The state’s Bureau of Securities Regulation contends that for years, the LGC overcharged communities for health insurance premiums and improperly used funds.  The case went to a hearing officer last summer, who ordered the LGC to return more than $53 million to communities. 

LGC Board Member Shelagh Connelly says at its last meeting, the board unanimously voted for new leadership.

“We’ve been working for months to try and move forward in resolving our appeal and so forth, and so, over time, we’ve been finding ourselves frustrated with our inability to move forward,” Connelly says.  “And so it was actually over the last couple of weeks that we really sort of came to the final decision that we needed to seek a change in leadership and to try and establish a better rapport and relationship with our regulatory agency.”

Carroll was with the LGC for 25 years—four of them as its head.

Interim Executive Director George Bald is set to replace her beginning next week.  Bald is a former Commissioner of the Department of Resources and Economic Development.  He’s taking a six-month leave from his current employer, Cate Street Capital, to head the organization.




  • bobsr

    And can NHPR get us the financial details of her “resignation”? Resigning for a “job well done” with a full pension? “Only” 53 million dollars was knowingly kept by this organization, instead of being fairly re-dsitributed to their “customers – cities, towns, and counties in NH.
    That is really 53 million in EXCESS property taxes that had to be collected and paid by NH taxpayers at the time. But I’m sure no one cares about that, especially their Board of Directors!

    How about a list of the Board of Directors who enabled this caper? How much are they paid for this kind of “direction?” Let’s see theirs and the officer’s compensation packages, including perks such as cars, cell phones, T&E allowances, Bonus payments, ET AL.

    Isn’t it time we find bad actors and make the facts known? Without making an example of the worst ones, it only encourages everybody else to cross the line. Afer all, these days EVERYONE in political and Commercial Leadership seems to be “too big to jail..” Anything goes apparently in the 21st Century. Where’s the outrage?

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