Best Of StateImpact: Why The Certificate Of Need Debate For Hospitals Matters To The Economy

Weixiang Ng / Flickr

Jobs, competition, and NH's economy all play a big part in the Certificate of Need debate

During session, the legislature handles umpteen bills.  The ones that grab our attention often focus on hot-button issues, like abortion, guns, and Right To Work.  It can be tough to keep up with the ins and outs of more complex public policy bills.  One of the ongoing issues we’ve been following is the legislature’s reexamining of the Certificate of Need process for hospitals.  Yeah, it doesn’t sound too riveting on the surface.  But right now, this is how the state decides if hospitals and specialty clinics (like Cancer Treatment Centers of America) can build here–and potentially bring new jobs with them.

So if you’d like to catch up on the debate, here’s the story so far:


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