Right To Work Redux Passes House

Ryan Szepan / Flickr

Once again, Right To Work legislation has passed the House

The New Hampshire House of Representatives has for the second time passed a so-called “Right To Work” bill. But the margin was well short of what would be needed to override Governor Lynch’s promised veto.

Barring unions from requiring non-members to pay for representation has been a priority for House Republican leaders. Last year Governor John Lynch vetoed a Right To Work bill, which Republicans failed to override.

Republican Marshall Quandt told colleagues this year’s version will fare no better.

“Every one of us is wasting valuable time and energy on this bill. Einstein once said the definition of insanity is to keep doin’ the same experiment and expect different results,” Quandt says.

The bill passed, but was forty votes shy of the margin needed to survive a veto.

Twenty-three states have enacted Right To Work laws. Indiana is the most recent–it took effect last month.


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