We’re Liveblogging NH Economic Forecasts Presented To The State Legislature!

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StateImpact: Your pre-game source for solid economic info

Tomorrow’s looking to be an interesting day in the New Hampshire statehouse. For most of the day, the Joint House-Senate Finance and Ways and Means committees will be hearing some serious economic forecasting on the global, national, regional and state levels.

So we’re going to liveblog it–or, at least, the New England and New Hampshire parts of it.

Yes, we’ve been keeping track of economic forecasts quite a bit lately.  But what makes tomorrow’s event particularly interesting is that what these legislators hear could very well shape their arguments over the course of the session about which programs to fund, which to cut, and how (if at all), to raise revenues.

So if it helps, don’t think of it as an economic wonk-fest.

Think of it as the pre-game show for the legislative session.

And we’ll be there starting at 1:00 pm, giving you the facts, stats, and analysis you’ll need as we move into the New Year–and the new session.

Just call us “Bob Costas.”



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