Senator: State’s Major Road Project In The Balance As Millions In Federal Highway Money Is Held Up

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New Hampshire may lose millions In vital infrastructure money.

A recent failure to pass a bill that would have provided states with federal highway money is making New Hampshire Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen nervous. Congress has not yet reauthorized the federal highway bill and House Republicans want to cut funds by 35 percent.

For New Hampshire that would be a loss of at least $115 million. The uncertainty about the future of the funding means New Hampshire and other states cannot move forward with their major transportation projects.

For New Hampshire, not being able to count on those funds could mean a halt to the widening of Interstate 93 — a highway some officials say has the potential to bring in big money to the state and is “paved with gold.”Supporters of the expansion point out that I-93 was built in the 1960s and is straining under 57 percent more traffic than it was built to sustain.

“Growing congestion along I-93 has become a barrier to local business growth and a danger to public safety,” says Shaheen, who tried unsuccessfully to broker a bipartisan agreement to restore the federal funding.

But Shaheen’s plan lacked support from Senate Republicans.

Without that money, says New Hampshire Transportation Commissioner Christopher Clement, “There will no more projects on I-93.”

So far there is no sign that Congress will reauthorize the federal highway money before next spring, and that means New Hampshire will be forced to postpone its ambitious I-93 project.


  • Shirley J. Adams

    At the ages of eighty and seventy nine, my husband [Veteran] and I have seen many politicians come
    and go, never have we seen deliberate stalling on projects needed so badly.
    Since I voted for President Eisenhower, he said then “we have given Pakistan enough money and any
    more would be a waste”!! I have to agree with Maj. General Peter Fuller that we have given and wasted
    too much in Afghanistan, and they are ungrateful.” NH is crime ridden, and we need police and we
    need jobs now and when the veterans come home. We had a terrorist attack we were not invaded and
    invading a country was an unnecessary act. Iran has enemies ,using them to scare us is a lie.
    Keeping unemployment high is a political scheme and it is anti American.
    Mrs. Shirley Adams Northfield NH

  • Just more “job-killing” Republican stone-walling, watching our infrastructure collapse while they drink “Tea” with zillionaires. Thinking this will give them the White House. Where are Guinta and Ayotte? Holding worthless “Town Meetings” and destroying the NH economy. Sad. Sad. Sad.

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