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If you're going to Facebook anyway, why not "Like" StateImpact?

Ah, yes.  We’ve hit that sweet spot in the work week.  It’s 3:30 on Friday afternoon.

And it’s countdown time.

We don’t want to point any fingers, but we wonder if maybe, just maybe, some of you find yourselves tempted away from work by the siren song of Facebook…?

If you find yourself straying inexorably closer to your friends’ cute pet pics, funny viral videos, and your plot of land in Farmville…why not visit StateImpact New Hampshire while you’re at it?

You’re visiting the site now, so we assume you like us.  But do you like us, like us, or only kind of like us?

Please, end our suspense!  “Like” us on Facebook.

You can get there from here.  And if you happen to stop by Farmville on your way back, we won’t tell.


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