Irene-Related FEMA Aid Now Available For Carroll And Grafton County Residents

This afternoon, Governor John Lynch’s office announced that FEMA will start taking applications from Carroll and Grafton County residents for damage related to Tropical Storm Irene.

President Obama gave the go-ahead to offer individual FEMA aid to some New Hampshire residents on Wednesday.

Anyone who plans on reporting damage to FEMA should gather expenses, repair estimates, and take pictures to prove losses.  Both renters and homeowners can apply for FEMA help.  But, as a FEMA Regional Recovery Director Jeanne Gallagher recently told StateImpact, vacation homes don’t qualify for federal aid.  That’s because FEMA funds go to fill “the unmet need,” and second homeowners already have a primary home for shelter.

Meanwhile, Lynch’s office reminds residents with damage that if they already called in their reports


Individuals in some parts of New Hampshire are now eligible for FEMA aid.

to 2-1-1, they still need to file with FEMA.  The 2-1-1 damage line was only to help state officials collect data and zero-in on the areas hit by Irene.

If you suffered property damage due to Irene, you can file your claim by calling 1-800-621-FEMA or registering at  Also, Conway will  soon host disaster recovery centers along with some unnamed locations in Grafton County.  You’ll also be able to go there with questions.

Once you’ve registered your claim, FEMA will send someone to your home to inspect the damage.  Then the agency will let you know what’s eligible for federal reimbursement.

Small business owners who suffered damage can also call the FEMA number or contact the Small Business Administration online at to apply for a low interest loan.

You can read the announcement from the governor’s office here.  And you can find out how states apply for FEMA infrastructure and public works aid here.


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