A Little, Tiny Tax Break For NH Tourists

It’s the tax break you might not have heard of.  If you use an ATV, boat, or snowmobile, and you actually used them off the roads, and you save your receipts and you fill out a special state form…you’re eligible for a small refund on your gas tax.  Specifically, it’s a refund on the sliver of the tax that falls under “road tolls” and pays for highway maintenance. 

Earlier this summer, State Impact contacted the New Hampshire Department of Safety, which covers the Road Toll Bureau.  Based on numbers provided by the state, the refund hasn’t been all that popular among tourists lately.  But that hasn’t stopped organizations like the Lake Sunapee Snow Club from pushing members to apply–and donate the proceeds.

Road Toll Refund Claims For Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles, Snowmobiles, and Boats July 2010-June 2011

Jul-10 0 $- 0
Aug-10 0 $- 0
Sep-10 0 $- 0
Oct-10 0 $- 0
Nov-10 0 $- 0
Dec-10 0 $- 0
Jan-11 9 $255.60 1,420
Feb-11 9 $446.76 2,482
Mar-11 8 $267.48 1,486
Apr-11 9 $245.70 1,365
May-11 30 $1,107.54 6,153
Jun-11 2 $89.64 498
SUMMARY 67 $2,412.72 13,404
Data Courtesy Of New Hampshire Road Toll Bureau


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