New Labor Laws In Effect

The New Hampshire Business Review has an interesting roundup of new state laws that went into effect last weekend.  The main piece of legislation, Senate Bill 86, allows employers to get a warning for violating labor laws before the Department of Labor lays down a fine.  But, there are definitely exceptions, as the NHBR notes:

J. Shephen Conn / Flickr

New labor laws went into effect last weekend. Among other things, businesses can now get warnings for violating most labor laws before getting fined by the Department of Labor.

  • Failure to pay workers full and on time

• Paychecks on a bank not convenient to the job site

• Failure to pay the last paycheck in full

• Failure to withhold wages for child support

• Deducting wages for insurance benefits when the policy has been canceled

• Holding wages to make up for worker’s actions that caused loss or damage

• Not complying with illegal immigrant laws

• Threatening to fire workers, unless they break the law

Oh yes, the Labor Department can also skip the warning if the employer ‘intends to cause harm” or if the violation “poses a threat to public safety.'”

Other new laws going into effect governed stormwater permits, fees for trailer park residents, and wine festivals.


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