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To Make High Schoolers Want To Read, Miami Teacher Makes It A Competition

John O’Connor / StateImpact Florida Miami Northwestern Senior High writing teacher Daniel Dickey says you have to be a good reader to be a good writer. He’s challenged his student to read one million words this year. Miami Northwestern High School English teacher Daniel Dickey has found a way to make his tenth graders brag […]

Florida Schools Rearrange Schedules To Add Extra Hour Of Reading

Florida schools are making plans for how to add a state-required extra hour of reading instruction, according to two stories out today. In 2012, lawmakers required that the 100 schools with the lowest scores on the FCAT reading test add an extra hour of reading instruction to try and boost those scores. When the Office […]

More Florida Schools Must Add Extra Reading Instruction

Florida will expand the number of schools required to add an extra hour of reading instruction this fall, Education Week reports. Two years ago lawmakers required the 100 elementary school with the lowest scores on the state reading test to add an extra hour for reading. Now, the 300 lowest-scoring schools will have to add […]

Third Grade Passing Rates On FCAT Math And Reading Flat

The percentage of Florida third graders passing the state’s FCAT math and reading exams did not improve this year — remaining largely flat for the past three years — according to initial test results released Friday. Fifty-seven percent of third graders scored at least a 3, the state’s passing score, on the reading test. On […]

What Common Core Will Mean For Science, Social Studies And Other Courses

This story is part of a series from The Hechinger Report and StateImpact Florida looking at how Florida schools are getting ready for Common Core standards. Read — and listen to — the first two stories here andhere. It makes sense that Florida’s new K-12 math and language arts standards based on Common Core will […]

Florida 12th Graders Trail Nation In Math And Are Average In Reading

Florida high school seniors performed below the national average on a nationwide math exam and nearly matched the national average on a reading exam, according to new National Assessment of Educational Progress results released Wednesday. Just 19 percent of Florida 12th graders were considered “proficient” on the 2013 math exam, according to test results. NAEP […]

Extra Reading Instruction Improved Most School Scores, Review Finds

The 100 Florida schools earning the lowest scores on the FCAT reading test are required to add an extra hour of instruction time. A new review from the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability has found the extra hour has helped students at most of those schools improve their reading scores. Lawmakers required […]

A Q & A With Children’s Author Sheila Keenan

Sheila Keenan, author of a new graphic novel for kids, called Dogs of War, says she tries not to think too much about classroom policies when she writes. “Good storytelling is good storytelling,” says Keenan. Her latest work is about the relationships between soldiers and dogs during World War I. World War II and the […]

Charting Florida’s Progress on ‘The Nation’s Report Card’

Earlier today we reported that Florida student scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress — also known as “The Nation’s Report Card” — improved slightly from 2011 scores. We’ve charted NAEP reports since 1990 to show you how Florida’s scores have changed over time, and how those scores compare to the national average. We’ve […]

Florida Scores On National Test Improve, But Eighth Graders Still Trail National Average

Florida student scores improved on a key national standardized test, including some of the largest eighth grade reading and math gains in the country. But Florida eighth graders still trail the national average in math, according to results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as The Nation’s Report Card. Florida eighth graders […]

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