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How Florida Reading Lists Are Changing For New Common Standards

Editor’s note: This story was written by Sarah Carr for The Hechinger Report. MIAMI—In Chris Kirchner’s freshman English classes at Coral Reef Senior High School, novels like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The Great Gatsby” have been squeezed off the syllabus to make room for nonfiction texts including “The Glass Castle” and “How to Re-Imagine […]

Five Things We Learned About Common Core This Summer

We spent a lot of time this summer watching and listening as Florida school districts trained teachers about what to expect when the state makes the full switch to new education standards next year. Florida is one of 45 states to fully adopt the Common Core State Standards, which outline what students are expected to […]

Classroom Contemplations: Little Books, Big Statement

Editor’s note: Names of teachers and students have been changed. Ms. Roberts left teaching ten years ago, but she remembers very clearly a day in class that changed her and her students. It was her first year and she was teaching English to over two hundred kids a day in Room 100, also known as […]

What Florida Data Say About The Effect Teachers Have On Math And Reading

The New York Times takes a look at why teachers have a tougher time improving reading performance than math performance. In part, it’s because math lessons are more discrete. A quiz can tell you which math concepts a student is having problems with, as a teacher notes in the story. But reading builds on many […]

Bush: Don’t Back Away From High Education Standards

“There’s an unspoken right in our country,” former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush told attendees at the Mackinac Policy Conference in Michigan Wednesday. “That is the right to rise. The right for all Americans to reach their full potential.” Bush gave a keynote speech to the audience of business leaders, spending much of his time talking about […]

What Common Core Standards Mean For Media Specialists

Sara LaBarbera is teaching 6th graders at Walker Middle School near Tampa how to research poets using an online library. One student, working on a series of questions about a Lewis Carroll poem, asks LaBarbera for help. He has the pieces, but doesn’t quite know how to put them together. LaBarbera knows how to ask […]

How A Yellow Dress Explains Common Core Standards

Florida is one of 45 states and the District of Columbia to adopt new, tougher education standards. The standards, known as Common Core, requires students to prove what they know — but also to show how they know it. Educators across the state are preparing parents and students for the switch and trying to explain […]

What Research Says About ‘The Florida Model’ Of Education Policy

UPDATE: Matthew Ladner, director of policy research for the Foundation for Excellence in Education, responds. The takeaway: “There are very clear signs of aggregate level improvement in Florida, and also a large number of studies at the individual level showing positive results from individual policies.” At the Shanker Blog researcher Matthew Di Carlo reviews the […]

The Ten Biggest Florida Education Stories of 2012

2012 was a busy year in Florida education. One state education commissioner left, while another will take the reins early next year. And Florida got great news on an international comparison. Here are the biggest education stories of 2012, with links to StateImpact Florida coverage. International test results — The biggest education story of the […]

How An iPod Can Help Turn Kids Into Life Long Readers

About 600 Miami Dade students are learning to read using an iPod Touch and an app which allows teachers to listen to and track a student’s performance — or receive help from tutors across the country. The Innovations for Learning initiative started as a pilot last year in a handful of classes. It’s now being […]

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