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Miami-Dade Gets Good Marks On “Nation’s Report Card”

Miami-Dade students improved their scores on two of four national reading and math exams, even as scores dropped nationally. The results are from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP — also known as the “nation’s report card.” The test is given every two years in math and reading to 4th and 8th grade […]

Why Some State Test Results Are Less Honest Than Others

Some states are telling students and parents they are better at reading, writing, math and other subjects than they really are, according to a new website from the Foundation for Excellence in Education. The website, WhyProficiencyMatters.com, tracks the percentage of students scoring at grade level on state tests — “proficient” in education jargon. The site […]

Florida 12th Graders Trail Nation In Math And Are Average In Reading

Florida high school seniors performed below the national average on a nationwide math exam and nearly matched the national average on a reading exam, according to new National Assessment of Educational Progress results released Wednesday. Just 19 percent of Florida 12th graders were considered “proficient” on the 2013 math exam, according to test results. NAEP […]

New Test Results Compare Hillsborough, Miami-Dade To Other Large Districts

New testing data shows Hillsborough County schools beat the performance of other large urban school districts in math and reading. Miami-Dade fourth grade readers outscored other large urban districts, but were on par in eighth grade reading and fourth and eighth grade math. The results come from the National Assessment of Educational Progress’ sample of […]

What To Know About Tomorrow’s International Test Results

Tomorrow marks the latest round of international education testing results, this time for the Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA. PISA is a test given every three years to a sample of about 500,000 15-year-old students in 60 countries. Those students represents about 90 percent of the world’s economy, according to the Organization for […]

Explaining Why Some Student Results Are Excluded From A Key National Test

More than half of Maryland students with disabilities or learning English tested don’t count towards the Old Line State’s results on a key national standardized exam, according to The Washington Post. Maryland excludes the results of 62 percent of learning-disabled and English learners on the fourth grade National Assessment of Educational Progress reading exam. The […]

Charting Florida’s Progress on ‘The Nation’s Report Card’

Earlier today we reported that Florida student scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress — also known as “The Nation’s Report Card” — improved slightly from 2011 scores. We’ve charted NAEP reports since 1990 to show you how Florida’s scores have changed over time, and how those scores compare to the national average. We’ve […]

Florida Scores On National Test Improve, But Eighth Graders Still Trail National Average

Florida student scores improved on a key national standardized test, including some of the largest eighth grade reading and math gains in the country. But Florida eighth graders still trail the national average in math, according to results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as The Nation’s Report Card. Florida eighth graders […]

Report: Florida Test Gains Among Nation’s Best Since 2003

Florida students had some of the nation’s largest gains between 2003 and 2011 on a key national standardized test, according to a new analysis by Education Sector, a nonpartisan policy research group. The analysis tracked fourth and eighth grade math and reading scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, considered the model test for […]

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