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National Survey Finds Teachers Bullish About Common Standards

Almost three-quarters of teachers in the Common Core State Standards subjects of English and math think the standards will have a positive effect on students, according to a new survey sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Overall, more than half of teachers think the standards, adopted by Florida and 44 other states, will […]

Florida Supporters And Opponents Race To Explain Common Core

When Gov. Rick Scott and Education Commissioner Tony Bennett met with school superintendents in April, Florida’s new education standards led the questions. “Let’s start with Common Core,” said Martin County superintendent Laurie Gaylord. “We recently held a Common Core workshop for our school board and our community and we got picketed…So I guess I’m reaching […]

Report: Five Florida Teacher Training Programs Are “Substandard”

Update: Florida State College at Jacksonville is challenging the NCTQ rankings. The school argues it only has an early childhood education program, but NCTQ included the school in its ranking of early childhood education programs. The school’s dean says early childhood and elementary education certifications have different requirements, and the two should not be combined. […]

Study: Schools And Colleges Are Teaching The Wrong Type Of Math

Community college students are needlessly assigned to remedial math classes to learn lessons they won’t use during their studies, according to new research from a Washington, D.C. group. And the study also found that many high school graduates are not learning subjects they will need to use in their careers. The study was produced by […]

Researcher Tears Apart Gates Foundation Teacher Evaluation Study

University of Arkansas education professor Jay P. Greene has weighed in on the BIll and Melinda Gates Foundation’s conclusions about its teacher evaluation study. Greene says the foundation’s conclusions were based on the politics of convincing teachers and school districts of the merits of evaluations, and not data. He takes particular aim at classroom observations, […]

Report: U.S., Florida Students Aren’t Challenged In Class

Nearly four in ten Florida 4th graders say their math class work is too easy, according to an analysis of student survey data by the Center for American Progress. The survey also found 30 percent of Florida 8th graders read five or fewer pages in class or for homework each day. And more than two-thirds […]

Miami-Dade Teacher Evaluations Insufficient, Report Says

Miami-Dade schools do not do enough to weed out poor-performing teachers, according to a new study by the National Council on Teacher Quality. The nation’s fourth-largest school district fired just 10 of more than 20,000 teachers last year for poor performance, according to the report. In comparison, Springfield, Illinois fired 10 of 2,144 teachers while […]

Steve Jobs’ Education Legacy

The death of Apple founder Steve Jobs is an education story as well as a business story. Among the Jobs tributes flooding the Internet Wednesday night was this from the parent of an autistic child. Although the son does not talk, the parent wrote, he uses Apple’s iPad to communicate. “Thank you Steve Jobs for […]

Bush to Take Part in NBC’s Education Nation Tuesday

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will appear on MSNBC tomorrow, part of the parent network’s Education Nation initiative in New York City this week. Bush will join Newark Mayor Cory Booker on “Morning Joe” at 8:20 a.m. Bush, who served from 1999-2007, is a leading national voice for education reform based on measurable student results. […]

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