Putting Education Reform To The Test

John Oliver Spends 18 Minutes Shredding Standardized Testing

John Oliver spent 18 minutes taking on standardized testing, teacher evaluations and all things “accountability” related on his show, “Last Week Tonight.”

And, of course, Florida plays a starring role.

Warning: Salty language, off-color jokes and test monkeys ahead.


  • Heide Marvin Janshon

    Wake up America and ESPECIALLY Florida!!! #morethanascore #OptOut #whyirefuse

    • rebekahsb

      Florida is used as the EXAMPLE to the rest of the country, btw. It’s true.

  • Robin Godby

    If Florida people voted, there might be a difference….maybe…. We have some of the worst politicians in the country…and some of these people call themselves educational reformers. They are politicians and not reformers. Follow the money and the truth of the situation will appear.

    • rebekahsb

      It doesn’t matter how we vote. Both sides play the same games. Been in education since 1991. It’s all true and its all horrible.

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