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How Hillsborough Community College Is Advising Students About Remedial Classes

Students at Florida's community colleges can now skip remedial courses.

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Students at Florida's community colleges can now skip remedial courses.

Most students at Florida’s community colleges now have a choice about whether they want to take the state’s college placement test and any remedial reading, writing and math courses they might require.

The law takes effect this spring — and students are registering for classes right now.

As a result, colleges have to check in with every new and returning student to find out if they’re exempt from remedial requirements. To find out who is exempt from the requirements, click here.

Hillsborough Community College has given its advisers a sort-of flow chart to run through with students. The outline asks new students for their high school transcripts and returning students for their college records and then proceeds from there.

Does the student need to take the college placement exam? Should they?

Is the student exempt from remedial classes? Is it a good idea to take the remedial classes anyway?

What’s the best choice for the student?

Read the outline Hillsborough Community College advisers are using below:


  • midgardia

    Basically, near every faculty, advisor, and administrator in the Florida public school systems are saying the same thing to all “exempt” students who previously would have been placed in development courses.

    “I strongly encourage you to take these remedial courses. You records indicate that you are not prepared for credit-bearing courses, and your success in these courses is very low.”

    The Florida legislature is taking a wrecking ball to educational quality. I wish we had qualified people who decided education policy in this state.

    • StateImpactJOC

      Thanks for the feedback on all of these stories.

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