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Help Us Out: How Are You Talking To Young People About Sea Level Rise?

Talk to us about sea level rise.


Talk to us about sea level rise.

The sea levels are rising in Florida—nine inches in the past hundred years and a lot more projected for the next hundred years.

StateImpact Florida is working with WLRN-Miami Herald News on Elevation Zero, a special series focused on how the state is dealing with rising seas.

And we want to know: What does sea level rise mean to children and teens in Florida? Have you talked to your kids about it? How are they learning about it?

Let us in on the conversation.

You can get in touch with us through the Public Insight Network. Or send your thoughts to Sammy Mack at smack@miamiherald.com.


  • midgardia

    In North Carolina the anti-science (but pro real estate development) politicians have disallowed all of their state workers from saying or writing “sea level rise” in any context. They have basically legislated denial into policy. I believe Virgina is doing something similar. It’s hard to believe that some lawmakers are so selfish that they would throw their states’ long term future down the toilet, just to make a quick buck or pad their reelection bids.

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