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How To Have A Hard Talk About Our Changing Environment With Kids

Earlier this week, we looked at how kids who live in coastal Florida learn about sea-level rise. They witness it all around them: on television, in school, sometimes in their front yards. Even so, big, landscape-changing events in nature can be tough for children to understand. So we spoke with Professor David Sobel, who has […]

How South Florida Kids Learn About Sea-Level Rise

Standing at the water’s edge on Florida International University’s Biscayne Bay campus, Nicholas Ogle shows a crowd of teenagers what looks like a giant, rotten green bean. “We don’t want any mushiness anywhere, especially at the top,” he says, then chucks the specimen to the side. Ogle, an environmental coordinator with FIU, is showing this marine-science class […]

Help Us Out: How Are You Talking To Young People About Sea Level Rise?

The sea levels are rising in Florida—nine inches in the past hundred years and a lot more projected for the next hundred years. StateImpact Florida is working with WLRN-Miami Herald News on Elevation Zero, a special series focused on how the state is dealing with rising seas. And we want to know: What does sea level rise […]

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