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Florida Lawmaker Files Bill To Stop New Education Standards

A Florida lawmaker has filed a bill which would put a hold on Common Core standards.

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A Florida lawmaker has filed a bill which would put a hold on Common Core standards.

A Florida lawmaker has filed a bill that would put the implementation of Common Core education standards on hold until the the State Board of Education conducts an independent review of how much the new standards will cost and holds a public hearing in each of the state’s congressional districts.

In addition, the bill would require Florida to withdraw from the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, one of two multi-state coalitions developing tests tied to the Common Core standards.

Florida is in the midst of rolling out the new standards over several years. The standards are already in use in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Other grades are using a blended model which incorporates some of the new standards and some of Florida’s outgoing standards. Next year, Common Core will be in use in every grade at the start of the school year.

The standards are designed to emphasize critical thinking skills, the designers say, requiring students to show what they know and prove how they know it with evidence. Critics say the standards will reduce local control over education, are not an improvement and will be expensive to implement.

The bill, H.B. 25, was filed by Republican Rep. Debbie Mayfield of Indian River County.

Read the bill here. Common Core opponents expect several bills challenging the standards will be filed.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to correct Rep. Mayfield’s county of residence.


  • Jane Do Teacher

    Adopting these standards and the coordinating tests are educational malpractice!!

  • Edna English Teacher

    Good! Most teachers require evidence anyway. They want to implement this, have everyone teaching the same thing at the same time, (in our district) and then did not purchase the materials they made us choose.

  • Reasonable

    Think of all the millions of dollars, all the years we’ve spent developing educational professionals: people who can choose and achieve worthy educational goals. Now realize that we have elected amateur politicians (who we then generally dislike) and they discard the educational goals and criteria chosen by educators and buy testing software to measure our children’s progress toward those goals. Keep the politicians away from our schools and elect leaders that will make us proud!

  • CharlotteGreenbarg

    There’s no empirical evidence that Common Core is better than what is
    presently being done. Instead of doing the appropriate pilots and comparing
    schools in a controlled study that use CC with those that don’t , the federal
    government, claiming it’s not doing what it so obviously is, will force it upon
    the public and withhold money for non-compliance.

    That’s the essence of a dictatorship; our way or suffer the consequences, and
    call anyone who asks for the evidence of success “right wing nuts” or
    “Tea Party extremists.” But the consequences of foisting yet another
    untested education scheme are much more destructive. Anyone who cares about the
    future of our country simply must oppose Common Core until it’s been proven.

    But those that are going to make millions from the sale of the technology
    required and testing and evaluation pieces just can’t wait. After all, the 2014
    and 2016 elections are coming up, and the electeds who are backers of Common
    Core need those contributions.

    This is a bi-partisan abuse, and all Americans who understand what’s at stake
    need to work together to defeat it.

    I’m NPA, for the record, a fiscal conservative, social moderate, and president
    of a Florida statewide group, Independent Voices for Better Education. Our
    website is http://www.ivbe.org We’ve been advocating real ed reform since 1990, and
    I’ve lived long enough to have seen such schemes come and go. This is nothing
    more than promises from those who will profit handsomely. Their promises are as
    water through a sieve, evaporating as quickly as the dismal results of their

    • Cheyenne Smith

      Really? And how has the Standardized Testing approach been working for you? American children are dumber than they have ever been. Half of all high school students couldn’t pass a 5th grade test given 100 years ago. So I’d say Florida couldn’t possibly do much worse.

  • bvdees

    YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Thank you, Rep Mayfield! This socialist abomination MUST not be allowed in our Florida schools!

    • Cheyenne Smith

      Oh my GOD ~ why does everything that makes sense have to be a socialist plot ? Are you tired of the education American children graduate high school with being the laughing stock of the planet ? How in gods name is this any worse than the standardized testing that only requires children to learn one thing, done one way to get one answer ? Why would you not want your children to grow in an education that challenges them to actually USE their individuality ? What the hell is wrong with you people ?

  • Teacher of Many

    Our students today can’t think for themselves. The Common Core standards will guide educators to better prepare our students for college and career readiness, and help prepare them to collaborate intelligently globally. The Common Core standards are not the enemy. Lawmakers, parents groups and business groups need to STOP telling educators how to teach! Read the research that shows that reading and comprehension levels have been lower in the past half century. We need to get back to standards that make our students think critically for themselves as we’ll as be able to communicate those thoughts well.

    • Cheyenne Smith

      Thank you….finally some common sense ! Maybe we should call this Common Sense instead of Common Core !

  • CharlotteGreenbarg

    Yes, really, Cheyenne. You must have heard about empirical data and pilots. They need to be done and evaluated before anything is mandated for every child in Florida. Would you support prescription meds being approved without having had them proven to be effective and safe?
    Teachers and professors are amazed that this is happening without data to back it up. Common Core must be stopped for the very reason that what we’ve been doing hasn’t worked for 40 years because they instituted it without proof of efficacy. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and our children and teachers aren’t lab rats.

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