Putting Education Reform To The Test

Read Gov. Scott’s 2013 Education Plan

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Gov. Rick Scott unveiled an education plan that he says focuses on preparing high school gradiates for college or careers.

Gov. Rick Scott unveiled his education plan this morning.

Many of the details had already been reported, but the overall plan focuses on making sure high school graduates are ready for college or a career.

Among the highlights:

  • Preparing teachers and schools for the switch to Common Core standards, considered tougher than those currently in use in Florida. Scott is asking for $2 million to help train teachers.
  • Allowing school districts more flexibility from state regulations and loosening restrictions on charter school enrollment.
  • Seeking private donors to pay for debit cards teachers can use to purchase school supplies.

Read the full plan, after the jump:


  • irish19

    I believe that Public schools can do with fewer teachrs by increasing class room size. We are now at 15 students per class. That is a 40% drop in class size from the 50″s. There is no proof that our high school students have benefitted from the decrease in class size. In fact I would venture to say that school graduation rates and scores in math and science have worsened. It is not how much money we spend on education that produces a successful education system. it is in fact qualified teachers and administrators with a real concern for student progress. There are teachers in N.Y.C who have been banned from the classroom, yet sit around idly and still get pay, pension and benefits on taxpayer dollars. I agree we need viable alternatives to public education, ie. charter and private schools. I would also like to see technical schols to meet the needs of those not going on to college. The labor unions are destroying our education system because they are more interested in milking the taxpayer than doing the job. I implore all floridians to think about how much we spend per student and the results from the taxpayer funding. The States sould have some control over education but I believe the local communities should have the most control. We the people should have a say. The dept. of education was a gross mistake by the Nixon administration and it should be dissolved. The government has no business in education. It is up to the States and localities.

  • irish19

    P.S. One other thing. Student population has decrease by 7% over the last 15 years, yet we have increased the teachers and administrators by 83%. We need huge changes.

  • BlackIrish

    Irish19….Unions have a colorful history in the US….getting children out of sweatshops, creating safe working environments, partnering with the United Way to raise money for the poor….these are a few things unions have done. Your comments suggest that you know nothing about working conditions for public school teachers. Have you walked a mile in their shoes?

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