Putting Education Reform To The Test

What’s Not In Gov. Scott’s Education Plan?

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That's not the parent trigger. That's Trigger, who helped Roy Rogers get around.

Gov. Scott has been talking about education a lot recently.

Analysts say it’s an issue that might play well for his reelection.

But there’s a conspicuous absence from the education agenda he released Thursday: The parent trigger.

Last year the parent trigger was the most devisive education issue of the Legislative session. The bill died on the session’s final day when a sponsor turned against the bill, resulting in a tie vote.

The bill would allow the majority of parents at chronically failing schools to decide how to restructure the schools. That can include closing the school, firing the principal and/or staff or converting to a charter school.

Supporters, such as former Gov. Jeb Bush, say the bill will be back this year. And political groups, such as StudentsFirst, have staff in Florida working on the issue.

Those opposing the parent trigger are getting ready as well.

If a governor is using education to help broaden his appeal, staying away from the parent trigger might be a wise idea. Instead, Scott is focusing on increasing the number of students who can enroll in charter schools.

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