Putting Education Reform To The Test

Miami-Dade Has The Most Low Performing Schools


Miami-Dade Supt. Alberto Carvalho shows graph of school grades.

Miami-Dade has overtaken Duval as the district with the highest number of “priority” schools, formerly known as “intervene.”

They are the bottom five percent of the lowest performing “F” schools.

Other low performers are labeled “focus.” These are the next lowest ten percent of schools.

High schools with graduation rates under 60 percent fall into the focus or priority category.

The designations are based on federal Adequate Yearly Progress requirements and school grades.

Through the federal Differentiated Accountability program, Florida is given the flexibility to provide interventions to schools with the greatest need. The schools labeled as priority and focus will get the most support.

Duval had seven priority schools last year. It dropped to three this year, tying with Pinellas and Broward for the second highest number of priority schools.

Miami-Dade is now the leader with five schools on the priority list. Even so, the district overall had an increase in schools receiving A and B grades last year.

Florida’s priority schools:

  1. Dade—Lenora Braynon Smith Elementary
  2. Dade—Carol City Middle
  3. Dade—Charles R. Drew Middle
  4. Dade—Madison Middle
  5. Dade—Parkway Middle Community
  6. Broward—Sunland Park Elementary
  7. Broward—Lauderhill Middle
  8. Broward—Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr. Middle
  9. Duval–Ramona Boulevard Elementary
  10. Duval—Northwestern Middle
  11. Duval—Andrew Jackson High
  12. Pinellas—Azalea Middle
  13. Pinellas—Maximo Elementary
  14. Pinellas—Melrose Elementary
  15. Alachua—Lake Forest Elementary
  16. Alachua—W.A. Metcalfe Elementary
  17. Polk—Shelley S. Boone Middle
  18. Polk—Lake Alfred-Addair Middle
  19. Collier–Everglades City School
  20. Escambia–Lincoln Park Elementary
  21. Gadsden—East Gadsden High
  22. Hillsborough – Sligh Middle
  23. Jefferson– Jefferson County Elementary
  24. Madison– Greenville Elementary
  25. Manatee—Blanche H. Daughtrey
  26. Orange—Wheatley Elementary
  27. Putnam—William D. Moseley Elementary


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