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The Secret Lives of Students: Why Not Everyone Is Ready for Virtual Classes

Breakthrough Miami students and their teacher interns with StateImpact Florida reporter Sarah Gonzalez (left) at the WLRN-Miami Herald studios.

For today’s installment in our series, The Secret Lives of Students, we hear from a rising 9th grade student about to enroll in a mandatory virtual class. 

Editor’s note: This post was written by high school student Jennifer Lopez. 

By Jennifer Lopez, 14

A year-old law in Florida has made virtual courses mandatory for ninth grade students.

These virtual courses are to be taken in the school that the students attend.

Most students that are going in to ninth grade are still children in mind. For this reason, I think students should be in a class room with teacher to have face to face interaction, to help them in the specific area that they have chosen is hard for them.

These students who will succeed in online classes have to be self motivated and disciplined. They also have to be able to work by themselves.

Many people may have different opinions about online learning; some prefer the traditional way of learning and some are okay with experimenting with different methods of learning. I believe that both ways are effective, and it really all depends on the individual that’s being taught, but requiring it for everyone will only hurt the kids who aren’t hard wired that way.

In my case I think that I’ll do fine since I have been pushed to be mature and responsible as well as follow the course without much guidance.

Although I have not taken these online courses I’m excited to take it since I can choose whatever subject I want.  I think that it’s a good to experiment with a modern way of learning since our society keeps on changing.

The positive effect that online courses have on students is that they have the opportunity to take the classes they want and not the one they are forced to take. Students can take their time with the work. They can access help from their teachers at any time of the day. Also if the students feel that the course is going too slow they can speed it up.

Students take these courses in their respective high schools. It means that they don’t have to do any work that’s online at home, or if they don’t have Internet access at home they don’t have to worry about it.

The online courses also provides a progress report to the student and parents so they can see the progress.

The virtual courses offer students offer an introduction to the new way of learning.

Even though they are learning it’s not the same thing as when teachers are teaching upfront in the class.

Lopez, 14, attends International Studies Preparatory Academy. During the summer school program with Breakthrough Miami, she attends the College Bound program. 

All month we’ve heard from students about life in Florida schools. They opened up about how school cliques affect learning, school fights, and other aspects of school life.


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