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The Secret Lives of Students: Proper Fuel Needed To Reach For The Stars

Webber J. Charles / Breakthrough Miami

David Cardenas Rios (right) and Tony Delgado dressed as Super heroes during Breakthrough Miami's spirit week at the Ransom Everglades school campus.

For today’s installment in our series, The Secret Lives of Students, we hear how one student would improve class learning. 

Editor’s note: This post was written by middle school student David Cardenas. 

By David Cardenas, 13

School lunches are an interesting topic. Many people think that school lunches are not so great and they’re right. The majority of students are used to having bad school lunches, so we as students don’t think that telling other students, teachers, and adults won’t make such a big difference if anything.

But I’m not like other students, I fortunately have a great and healthy family and group of friends that are looking out for me. They taught me to stand up for what I believe in.

And so, I think that these school lunches are not adequate.

The government is giving so many ideas to provide healthcare and insurance for today’s generation, but the government is not worrying enough about its next generation.

We as a whole, as a people, as a nation have to make sure that the next doctors, engineers, lawyers, the next set of children that plan to mold this place we call home into what they want, are well fueled.

We have to make sure that these people grow up with bodies and minds that are healthy enough to succeed and make something of themselves.

To those parents out there that are reading this, try to help your child.

You all know that it’s not that hard to buy healthy and yummy snacks and lunches when you go buy the groceries.

Sure it costs you a couple of dollars more, but it will all be worth it when you see that your child isn’t in diagnosis of diabetes.

David Cardenas Rios, 13 attends George Washington Carver Middle School.

All month we’ll hear from students about life in Florida schools. They’ll open up about how school cliques affect learning, school fights, and other aspects of school life.


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