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Georgia Wants To Track Student Data Through Graduate School

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Georgia is building a new database that will gather student information from Kindergarten through graduate school.

Georgia is taking tracking student progress to the next level. The state is working on a system that will keep track of student data from pre-K through graduate school.

Georgia is using a federal Race To The Top grant to create a statewide database.

Researchers will look for trends – good or bad – as students move to the next grade level. Information will be shared among seven agencies.

The Florida Department of Education recently launched a searchable web tool that provides details about the number of college graduates and how much money they earn.

Florida has been collecting data on student progress for decades, like coursework and test scores among high school students. But the FDOE hasn’t compiled all the information from childhood to college into a one stop, searchable database.

Accountability is a big reason for a tracking system. Ultimately, developers hope the data will show how well individual schools, teachers, and colleges are performing.

Georgia won the federal grant, in part, because of its plan for the database. The Obama administration has been pushing for accountability and education reforms that include keeping track of student and teacher performance.


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