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The Good News And Bad News About 2012 Florida Charter School Grades

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Florida International Academy charter school students in Opa Locka, Florida.

Editor’s Note: The Florida Department of Education revised 213 school grades after this post was published. Please check the Florida Department of Education for the most recent grades.

A higher percentage of charter schools earned an ‘A’ grade on the 2012 report cards than district schools, according to a StateImpact Florida analysis of grade data.

And the decline in ‘A’-rated schools was larger among district schools than charter schools.

But just as with district schools, the percentage of charter schools earning an ‘F’ grade increased this year. And a higher percentage of charter schools earned an ‘F’ grade than district schools in 2012.

The Florida Department of Education released grades for elementary and middle schools Wednesday. High school grades will be released later this year.

State leaders and school officials expected school grades to drop this year after education officials made changes to the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test and required students with disabilities and those learning English count toward a school’s grade.

Overall, 38.4 percent of charter schools earned an ‘A’ grade, compared to 35.4 percent of district schools. Last year more than half of district schools earned an ‘A’ grade, besting charter schools by 8.5 percentage points.

Last year more than half of the schools earning an ‘F’ grade were charter schools. This year, 19 of 47 ‘F’-rated schools were charter schools.

You can check out the grade breakdown below. Some school grades are still incomplete and will be added at a later date. The “blank” grade refers to schools which were not awarded a grade.

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