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This Week In Florida School Shaming

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Florida parents and teachers are finding new ways to embarrass students.

The parents of a South Florida seventh-grader forced him to wear a sandwich board to publicize his poor grades and preference for cracking up his classmates, according to WSVN television.

Michael Bell Jr. is standing at a Kendall intersection wearing the sign.

As other students enjoy their spring break, Michael will be out holding his sign. “I got an F in most of my classes, so as a punishment, I’m supposed to stay here for the whole spring break,” said Michael.

Michael’s father hopes Michael will learn a lesson and understand the importance of getting good grades. “I don’t know any other way, I’m trying to reach him. He doesn’t want to be reached, and this is my last resort,” said Michael Bell Sr.

In addition to the bad grades, Michael’s teachers told his parents he is a little bit too much of a class clown. “If you don’t do right then you get a lot of stuff taken from you,” said Michael.

Tampa’s Bay News 9 reports that the parents of a Lakeland middle school student are not happy that a teacher forced him to wear a sign after he was out sick for the writing portion of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

The teacher made the student wear a sign that read: “I decided to come to school today but I didn’t come to school during the FCAT.”

The teacher has since apologized to the student, writing she meant it to be a “friendly correction” and not to ridicule the student.

The student provided a doctor’s note to the school for his absence.

What’s your reaction to these stories? What’s an appropriate use of shame when motivating students?


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